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DJ Clea cut her teeth in Stockholm's underground rave scene before unleashing her own ethereal sonic landscapes as a producer.

Dancefloor Enlightenment

From the forests and word-of-mouth rave scene of Stockholm to producing her own tracks, DJ Clea makes crowds dance to the beat of her own drum.
DJ Clea ( Clea Herlöfsson) cut her teeth in Stockholm’s underground rave scene for a decade before beginning to produce her tunes. Each release sees her distil her experiences behind the decks for Sweden’s discerning crowds into meticulously put-together packages of sounds. Today, Clea’s sound carries the listener into foggy nordic forests and minimal industrial venues with layers of atmospheric beats and heavy synth notes.
Coming from a family of musicians, she’s a skilled pianist and knows her way around a flute. She’s also known to lay the vocals for her tracks while confessing to still reading history books, in a continuation of her history degree, preferring those examining the French Revolution and The Enlightenment.
Dipping into her mixes or Spotify feed is an absolute treat, with a sense that her early foundation behind the decks has fed into tracks that have a sense of cerebral intuition that can only come from those years perfecting her craft.
DJ Clea’s merch has a bold, blocky meets minimal style.