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Building your brand on strong foundations


building your brand on strong foundations

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using the potential of print on demand

Print on demand, or DTG printing as it's sometimes known, is probably one of the most exciting developments in the contemporary fashion industry. Once you've connected Creator Studio to your Shopify, the power it gives to you as a creator is endless. Plus, it means your fans get to enjoy your merch quicker than ever.

In the case of Creator Studio, think of it as having your own responsible production line that's directly linked to your ideas and activates the second your fans buy your merch.

Print on demand is high quality, faster, needs no investment up front, doesn't require you to store inventory and has a lower carbon footprint than other production processes.


create unforgettable merchandise experiences

Take your brand and your fans into the bleeding edge of merch customisation and immerse your audience in a one-of-a-kind Augmented Reality (AR ) customisation experience. Our merch experiences use the latest AR headset displays and bespoke merch kiosks for point of sale.

Creator Studio creating merch with AR
Creating merch with AR
Buying merch on the phone
Shirts on hanging line
True Blanks Pixel Perfect production


the fashion label made for print on demand

Our merch apparel is the result of decades of experience making garments. Every measurement, stitch, seam placement and fabric weight has been considered with this kind of merch in mind.

It's a blanks collection that's exclusive to you as a member of Creator Studio. Made from 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester, in custom weights, each garment is packed with details to enhance comfort, longevity and quality.

You can pick garments from two main collections and a kids & baby range. The Essentials collection is inspired by the soul and feel of heritage garments, with classic, timeless silhouettes and understated, clean features. The Contemporary range is where we push the designs further, with directional cuts, higher density weaves and weights – like that 90s merch we loved so much.


join the platform for creating next level print on demand merch

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